Welcome, Carsten Liske!

The CHIRON Group SE leadership team is complete again. On March 1, 2021, Carsten Liske was named as the new Chief Executive Officer. The CEO brings with him over 20 years of experience in international investments and will, according to Dr. Armin Schmiedeberg, Chair of the Board of Management, »Really enrich a medium-sized enterprise like the CHIRON Group.« Carsten Liske is responsible for Operations, including Global Service, Production, Logistics, Procurement and Quality Management. He is also in charge of the foreign branches CHIRON Taicang, CHIRON America, CHIRON Mexico and CHIRON India.

Mr. Liske, you’ve been CEO of the CHIRON Group for a few weeks now. Why did you decide to come here? And how was the welcome?

Since I started in my role on March 1, I’ve had so many meetings and discussions with colleagues from all areas and I’ve been made to feel really welcome. My career has really been defined by two things. On the one hand, I have always been able to build on solid experience, but I’ve also sought out new challenges with each new position I’ve accepted. And that applies for my jump to the CHIRON Group, too. I have many years of experience in the global capital goods sector. But, I have a very demanding task ahead of me, taking on total responsibility as CEO, and in a new industry too. I’m really looking forward to incorporating my experience so far and learning lots about the specific markets, customers, technologies and products. Of course, the CHIRON Group is well known and, from my previous positions, I knew of the Group as one of the leading providers of machining centers and turnkey manufacturing solutions.

How exactly does your new position differ from your previous ones; are there any different priorities?

Previously, I was responsible for a business area, and now for an entire company Group – it’s a big learning curve. Surprisingly, I am actually rather familiar with many of the current challenges and questions the CHIRON Group is facing. There are certain topics that I was also dealing with in my previous role. For example, the specific situation in which the CHIRON Group finds itself now, post-merger, has given rise to new and different core tasks.

You haven’t just worked in Switzerland, but other countries too. What did you take away from these overseas stays?

Interesting question. Well, we went to China and came back with a son. But joking aside, the more time I spend immersed in different cultures, looking for differences, the more I realized one thing. The prerequisites for successful and fruitful (business) relationships are tolerance and mutual respect, wherever in the world you may be. We sell machines but »it’s a people business.«

How do you think the CHIRON Group is positioned currently? Which weak points could be tackled to keep us moving in a successful direction?

I am really impressed with the expert knowledge, as well as the commitment and loyalty of all the colleagues in the company. I find the exceptional focus on continued education and training particularly positive. It creates a strong sense of identity and defines the company culture.

The necessary restructuring program still needs to be completed in certain areas in my opinion. We need to establish and stabilize new processes. We also want to be able to really profit from the imminent market recovery with our reworked product portfolio and manage the ramp-up. A further point to work on in the near future is the springboards for the future further development of the CHIRON Group.

Do you have a motto, a guiding principle, which sums up your attitude?

I like to quote Winston Churchill, »The art is in getting up again, one more time than we are knocked down.«

You are clearly very busy as a Chief Executive Officer. How do you ensure a healthy work-life-balance? What do you do in your spare time to relax and recharge?

Fundamentally, I really like my work and enjoy working. I never really understood the term work-life-balance. Work is an important part of my life and I don’t need to balance it out with anything else. But if you’d like to know what my priorities are beyond the office walls? My family is my first, second, and every other priority.

Personal facts
Carsten Liske studied Industrial Management and Manufacturing – majoring in Product & Production Management as well as Textile Production – at the ETH Zurich, graduating as a Dipl.-Ing. ETH (Swiss graduate degree). He began his career at the ABB Group in Zurich, followed by various roles with the OC Oerlikon Group (formerly Unaxis). In 2006, he took the position of COO, Chief Operating Officer, at Oerlikon Esec in Cham, Switzerland. In 2009, he moved to Rieter AG in Winterthur, the worldwide leading supplier of systems for short-staple fiber spinning, where he went on to hold several management positions. Alongside his responsibility for global operations, he took on the position of General Manager in China from 2011 to 2013. In 2015, he was appointed After Sales Division Manager within the Group Management team at Rieter Holding AG. Most recently, he was responsible for the largest division - Machines & Systems. Carsten Liske is 47 years old. He lives in Steckborn at the Lake Constance with his wife, his son of 8 and daughter of 12.