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A new way to experience exhibitions live

Digital exhibition formats have plenty to offer nowadays: They have more of the character of a live event, and more interaction. They are also a great, new way to keep up-to-date and seek advice. Plus, they are accessible from your computer, just a few clicks away – without the need for long journeys or advance planning. The CHIRON Group is using the new formats intensively, and, as ever, is represented at all the key industry gatherings. In August and September 2021, it is launching a completely new exhibition experience in four Swiss cities: the micro on tour roadshow.

Zurich, Biel, Geneva, La Chaux-de-Fonds: The micro on tour will be stopping in these cities, where the truck will be transformed into a two-story showroom with video and product presentations, offering space for presentations on innovative solutions and face-to-face meetings. Seven partners are on board in addition to the CHIRON and FACTORY5 brands. The companies all interact perfectly right along the precision manufacture process chain, just like the components of a Swiss clock.

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Formnext, METAV, Intec/Z: Digital versions still highly successful
Event organizers in Frankfurt and Leipzig opted for digital formats, which were very well received: In November 2020, around 9,000 participants from over 100 countries joined Formnext Connect, learning all about additive manufacturing, the next generation of industrial production. Examples of new products included the 3D printer AM Cube and, in an exclusive preview, the latest additive manufacturing project at the CHIRON Group: AM Coating, an innovative solution for coating brake disks.

The Leipzig trade fair duo Intec/Z also took place in a purely virtual format on March 2 and 3, 2021. More than 2,000 registered visitors took the opportunity to learn about new developments in the metalworking and supply industry at Intec/Z connect. The participants spent four hours on average on the platform, watched keynote speeches in the »Trends in Manufacturing Technology and the Supply Industry« or »Additive + Hybrid – Manufacturing in Transition« forums, and gained interactive insights into current trends through more than 100 exhibitor presentations. Frank Scheibe and Marcus Hansberg from the CHIRON Group sales force were on hand live from Leipzig and were pleasantly surprised: »The response was fantastic; we were in chats and video conferences almost non-stop, and the quality of contacts was excellent too«, enthuses Frank Scheibe, Technical Sales/Field Service at the CHIRON Group.

»Networking three in one« was the slogan of METAV digital 2021, which took place from March 23 to 26, 2021. With a virtual exhibition, matchmaking, and web sessions, the online trade fair was »very well attended and accessible from anywhere in the world 24/7,« explains Stephanie Simon, VDW Project Officer in charge of METAV digital. As with a live event, the visitors could navigate through two halls and stop to have a closer look at, for example, the CHIRON Group booth, where the CHIRON DZ 25 P five axis double-spindle machining center for processing large, complex workpieces was on show, among other exhibits.

Livestream from Tuttlingen: 11th Colloquium on Medical Devices
COVID-19 has highlighted the crucial importance of medical engineering, and how essential it is to ensure products are manufactured under consistently optimum conditions, using highly secure, reproducible processes. Just as important is the perfect harmonization of metal cutting technologies and tools, so that extremely hard materials can be machined precisely and productively. What form does this harmonization take? That was one of the questions discussed in presentations and podium discussions at the 11th Colloquium on Medical Devices of the mav. The topic introduced by Samuel Vuadens, Managing Director of CHIRON Swiss and the FACTORY5 brand, was »High-Speed Machining of Medical Microtechnology Parts using the Micro5 Smartmachine.« Andreas Jenter, VHM Milling Tool Product Manager at Horn, discussed optimized milling processes with standard and special milling tools in his keynote speech. Ralph Hufschmied, Managing Director of Hufschmied, spoke about high-efficiency machining of complex materials. The live-streamed event closed with a virtual visit to the CHIRON Group's Medical & Precision Technology Center.

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International Sales & Service Meeting (ISSM)
Usually, sales staff from all over the world come to Tuttlingen, Germany, for a few days every spring to find out all about new products, discuss their markets and the current challenges, and to gain inspiration for success at their sites from presentations. This year, the ISSM was broadcast live from the studio in Tuttlingen in two sessions per day, and was simultaneously interpreted into numerous languages. Interactive presentations, Q&A sessions, and a virtual get-together in the coffee bar – with stickers sent out in advance for the very varied cups – allowed the participants to almost forget that they could only see each other and discuss matters on screen.

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