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Italian turnkey solution for Japanese spray guns

Turnkey expertise, complete machining from blanks to finished parts, and maximum, reproducible precision: These were the key criteria in Anest Iwata's decision to choose CHIRON Italia and an automation solution with an FZ 15 S baseline.

An FZ 15 S baseline machining center is compact, fast, and versatile. The pre-configured machine is the ideal choice for producing gleaming surfaces and the finest slots, fits, and geometries. Thanks to this profile, the pre-configured 5-axis machining center perfectly matched the complex requirements specified by Massimo Simeone, Project Manager at the Anest Iwata Strategic Center: »We wanted a machining solution that we could use to fully and highly precisely manufacture the components for a new spray gun. Quality is the deciding factor in this high-end segment. The CHIRON Group had the experience we were looking for and the perfect machines.« In addition, Anest Iwata wanted to change from 4-axis to 5-axis machining so that it would be able to manufacture other parts with complex geometries highly productively after this project.

The special spray gun made from die-cast aluminum is designed for applying paint in car body construction at OEMs and smaller companies, which, among other things, paint Formula 1 racing cars layer by layer to achieve a high-gloss finish. It's the most complex product to date for the Italian site, and the first collaboration with CHIRON Italia.

Teamwork for an automated process
The solution presented by the team, headed by Regional Sales Manager Davide Isepatto and Project Manager Mario Farella, is an Italian co-production consisting of a CHIRON FZ 15 S baseline, clamping technology from LORENZI S.r.l. from Bergamo, and automation from Automazioni Industriali Brescia, under the turnkey responsibility of CHIRON Italia.

Not only do the participating companies work together perfectly as a team – the three elements do too: The robot cell takes the blanks from the pallets and loads the parts into the machine. The FZ 15 S baseline carries out all of the machining operations: Milling, highly complex drilling, threading, and smoothing. Once the machining is finished, the robot passes the parts to the blow-out station and then places them into trays. The automation enables continuous machining around the clock; all the operators have to do is place the blanks on the pallet.

 Davide Iseppato, Regional Sales Manager for Italy, and Massimo Simeone, Project Manager at Anest Iwata
Davide Iseppato, Regional Sales Manager for Italy, and Massimo Simeone, Project Manager at Anest Iwata

The order was placed in October 2019, and the installation was completed in June 2020. To keep availability consistently high, the solution was supplemented by the RemoteLine digital system for remote diagnosis and maintenance.

»We are very satisfied – both with the interaction between the machine, clamping devices, and automation, and with the excellent teamwork from CHIRON Italia. Everyone did their best to produce the perfect solution for this complex machining job.«
Massimo Simone
Project Manager at the Anest Iwata Strategic Center

ANEST IWATA Corporation

Founded in 1926, Anest Iwata combines the Japanese craftsmanship tradition with the latest spray painting technology. The product range includes different lines involving paint guns, pumps, and painting accessories, suitable for a very diverse range of applications.

One of the most complex applications is vehicle painting, plus the spray guns are also used for wood and industrial painting. The listed group has its head office in Yokohama. Globally, Anest Iwata employs roughly 1,600 people, 50 of whom work in sales and production in the Italian Strategic Center S.r.l. in Cardano al Campo, near Milan.

 Head office of Anest Iwata in Yokohama, Japan.
Head office of Anest Iwata in Yokohama, Japan.

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