Back to Basics: New, pre-configured machining centers

Back to Basics, according to various online dictionaries, means »concentrating on only the really important things.« That’s the essence captured by the CHIRON baseline Series. A staple component of the product portfolio for many years, the pre-configured machining centers allow swift capacity expansion and cost-effective entry into the world of high-quality manufacturing. And now there are even more models.

A customer survey carried out last year confirmed, that the pre-configured machines in the baseline Series are in high demand and, especially in the contract manufacturing sector, customers wanted more models. Whether being used in the aerospace, automotive sectors, mechanical engineering, medical technology, precision technology or tool manufacturing, the situation regarding orders is noticeably improving, often up to or beyond the capacity of the firm. And that’s precisely where the models come into their own, with short supply times, an attractive price and proven, state-of-the-art technology

Pre-programmed for success – the advantages of baseline:

  • Available quickly, durable and low-maintenance

  • Vertical moving column principle

  • High rigidity and thermal stability

  • Maximum precision in positioning and simultaneous operation

  • Dynamic direct drives and precision guides

  • Ergonomic operating and loading concept

  • Easy access to all units for servicing

  • Low-maintenance and with a long service life

  • DataLine can be integrated for machining and prognosis data

Three strong new contenders
A new entry from the 08 Series is the FZ 08 S five axis baseline, one of the most versatile machining centers in the compact class. It’s quick to set-up, easy to operate, very stable and highly dynamic when machining. There are also two additional models from the MILL Series. The MILL 2000 baseline, with a 2,000 mm travel path along the X-axis, is ideal for machining larger components or multiple clamping positions. With its swivel head, the MILL 2000 baseline offers increased freedom and a range of application possibilities. In combination with a round-table package, it can be used for five-axis machining of large workpieces. As well as the three new models, the FZ 15 W baseline is now available with both a basket and chain magazine.

baseline »to go« – in the CNC Outlet Center
Since October 2020, the CHIRON Group has also had a hub in the CNC Outlet Center in Olching, Germany. The hub is just a three-minute drive from the A8 highway – exit 78 towards Dachau-Fürstenfeldbruck. Here, you can browse a range of machines including the FZ 15 W baseline. The demo-machine is available immediately, in top condition, and ready to operate within two to three weeks. The complete range of currently available machines can also be seen online, on the  exhibitor website.

For Matthias Rapp, Head of Area Sales for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the CHIRON Group, the Outlet Center is »a new and interesting sales channel and a fantastic opportunity to reach a wider audience of potential customers with the baseline Series for classic machining.« As well as exhibiting the machines, the Outlet Center plans to hold lectures and machining seminars, although all events are still on-hold due to COVID-19.

More orders than machine capacity?
You can find information on all machine types in our new brochure »CHIRON baseline – Proven top technologies  available at short notice«. You can also get in touch with Matthias Rapp to discuss your requirements and orders via phone or email.

Matthias Rapp
Head of Area Sales for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the CHIRON Group
Tel. +49 7461 940-3181
[email protected]