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A success story… with continuation!

read time: 4 min 06.12.2021

Dear customers and friends of the CHIRON Group,

This year we’re celebrating CHIRON's 100th anniversary – 100 years of passion for precision. This wealth of knowledge and experience gained by generations of employees is deeply rooted in our DNA. It forms the basis of our future successful development and, at the same time, means that we're obliged to do things the right way in the future and thereby continue the special success story of the CHIRON Group.

But what makes us future-proof and means that we will continue to be a strong partner for you in the future? The answer lies in our unique history. Firstly, from when the company was founded in 1921 to the CHIRON Group today, we have always stayed true to ourselves, both with respect to the key area of mechanical engineering and our business operations. We have never targeted short-term profits, but rather healthy and sustainable development with a focus on forming long-term partnerships with our customers.

Secondly, we have always been quick to bravely face future issues and have changed ourselves to meet them, creating new product ranges from surgical equipment to pressurized-air devices and machining centers. We have maintained our position as a leader of innovation and technology by creating new products and services, as well as consolidating and extending our product range. This has also been the case during our anniversary year. Our product launches in 2021 help to give you a competitive edge and provide you with fresh, productive impetus for your day-to-day machining.

A major future issue that is currently a top priority and will remain so in the coming years is sustainability. This year we launched the »Sustainability at CHIRON Group«, a major program designed for the long term which we will use to expand our activities, to take a structured approach and to accelerate our efforts. We're not just doing this to appear greener but to do the right thing and make a substantial contribution. You can read more about this in the interview with Dr. Jens König, one of the leads on this program.

The importance we are attaching to this topic is also reflected by our new four-pronged approach: Competent, smart, innovative, sustainable. This is what we stand for and what you should measure us against. These four qualities will enable us to keep the special »spirit«, which has been put into action over decades and still sets the CHIRON Group apart today, going into the future. 

Moreover, this edition of the INTOUCH section includes three user reports in which the CHIRON Group shows its expertise in virtuoso tools, die-casting and motorcycle accessories. In INTRO, we take a look back at the exhibition year with the return of face-to-face meetings and also welcome back »an old friend« to the CHIRON Group.

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine and look forward to writing the next chapters of our success story with you.

Carsten Liske
Bernd Hilgarth