read time: 3 min 27.04.2023

Dear customers and friends of the CHIRON Group, 

The guiding theme that runs through this edition of our customer magazine is PERFORMANCE MEETS PRECISION. The new claim of the CHIRON Group stands for everything that makes us who we are and what you can rely on from us both today and in the future: We act for you as a strong, global network, continually growing and in such a way that you as our customer benefit from it. By fulfilling the promise that we make in our claim even more convincingly and comprehensively.

For example with the 22 Series, where the physical advantages of vertical machining when producing e-motor housings come into play in a special way. Both productive milling of higher quantities, and with the new DZ 22 S mill turn system 8, for combined milling and turning of component variants and small batches with high flexibility.

Or with our new brand HSTEC. Also in the acquisition of the system partner for innovative spindle drive technology, workpiece clamping devices and spindle services, our drive was: How do we complement our expertise profile, expand our capacities and extend our know-how for you? The same applies for the integration of GREIDENWEIS. With combined expertise, we expand our range of automation solutions, can make your machining, assembly and manufacturing processes even more efficient.

Another added value topic is sustainability. Our commitment in this area is aimed, on the one hand, at climate-neutral production at the CHIRON Group and, on the other hand, at saving resources at your site, at the increasingly efficient use of machining centers and production solutions.

Also in this issue: A look over the exhibition events of 2022 and 2023, the newsticker with information in compact form and four questions to four managers – including Tim Oliver Kramp on the benefits for you of the new service supply chain.

And, not to be forgotten: Our cordial invitation to the CHIRON Group OPEN HOUSE from 10 to 12 May. With three exhibition days dedicated to future-oriented manufacturing processes, plenty of time for personal discussions and an intensive exchange of ideas.

We hope you enjoy reading and look forward to welcome you in May in Tuttlingen, Germany.

Carsten Liske
Bernd Hilgarth