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Recognizing potential and forging the future

Design directed by change – this is the common thread running from 1921 and 2021 and is firmly rooted in the CHIRON Group's DNA. The company has been willing to change itself according to demands from customers and markets, to quickly recognize potential and to systematically exploit it. Or, as the Executive Board put it in their foreword to the anniversary publication, »we have the drive to produce today – or tomorrow – what will only reach the market the year after next. We've never been satisfied with creating what's already available on the market.«

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The CHIRON Group's machining centers enable precise, productive and flexible manufacturing in the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical technology, tool manufacturing and precision technology industries. The fact that the company has these areas of expertise is no accident but the result of »continuity in mechanical engineering, combined with drastic change in technology and the product range,« says Dr. Armin Schmiederberg, Chairman of the Board at the CHIRON Group SE.

»It's noteworthy that CHIRON has created a new product range three times [...]: Surgical equipment, pressurized-air devices and machining centers.«
CHIRON publication »Recollections – The history of a company«, 2016

Where everything began: Surgical equipment
»Fabriken für feinmechanische Apparate und chirurgische Instrumente GmbH« – a precision appliance and surgical instrument manufacturing company – was founded by Otto Staebler and Gottfried Schnell in 1921. This was made possible by the invention of »stainless steel« in 1912 and the filing of another patent by Friedrich Krupp AG in 1919 which permitted stainless steel to be used in medicine. Both of the founders were quick to recognize the huge potential of this material revolution. The company went on to produce instruments that had not previously existed, which were precise, extremely sharp, stable and could be sterilized without any difficulty. By the end of the 1930s, the product range already comprised around 30,000 medical technology products. CHIRON, together with other companies, established Tuttlingen's reputation as the »global center of medical technology« and would continue to offer this product line into the 1970s.

 Over 562 pages, the main catalog No. 10 from the 1930s listed everything that could possibly be needed in practices and clinics as »the reliable assistants«. Around 30,000 medical technology products were listed, including retractors, blood-letting tools and chloroform instruments.
Over 562 pages, the main catalog No. 10 from the 1930s listed everything that could possibly be needed in practices and clinics as »the reliable assistants«. Around 30,000 medical technology products were listed, including retractors, blood-letting tools and chloroform instruments.
»All employees really contributed to the company becoming a world leader in the manufacture of surgical instruments, where precision and exceptional Swedish steel come together.«
Dr. Ursula Hatzelmann-Kick (née Schnell)
granddaughter of CHIRON founder Gottfried Schnell

What remained after the company's sale to Aesculap AG in 1977 was the extensive expertise that it had gained over decades concerning the industry's complex requirements. This expertise was then incorporated into the manufacturing technology used to produce medical technology products with a precise and high-quality surface finish in a reproducible manner. Examples of this are the precision+ machining centers from the CHIRON brand and the Medical & Precision Technology Center, which was opened in 2013 at the headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany. This is where production-ready complete solutions made up of machining centers, tools, clamping mechanisms and automation systems are produced.

 The Medical & Precision Technology Center at the headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany. This is where production-ready complete solutions made up of machining centers, tools, clamping mechanisms and automation systems for medical technology products are produced.
The Medical & Precision Technology Center at the headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany. This is where production-ready complete solutions made up of machining centers, tools, clamping mechanisms and automation systems for medical technology products are produced.

Compressors: CHIRON gives itself breathing room
The business area of compressors started in the early 1950s with the production of compressors for installation in trucks for the French army and Daimler-Benz and was initially just one of many answers to the question – what can we produce with our limited production means? CHIRON recognized that there was significantly greater potential in compressors and pressurized-air devices than in portable typewriters, tedders, car washing systems, hat dryers and similar unconventional items and systematically expanded the new business area. The product range soon extended from compressors for installation to stationary compressor systems for a wide range of markets. For example, it included the CHIRON-Luftikus 200, a »multipurpose compressor system« for domestic use, crop protection devices and paint spray guns for industry and trades. High performance, a compact design and easy access are just some of the compressors' advantages. These are qualities that are characteristic of CHIRON across all product areas and continue to similarly make the CHIRON Group's machining centers stand out from the competition to this day.

Another typical quality of CHIRON is that it intensively engages with topics. Every year, and with each new product, the Development and Production departments at CHIRON learned more and more about their machine inventory. They learned which adjusting screws to turn and how to improve the systems for metalworking so that the products were of the highest quality. This allowed them to gradually build up expertise and they increasingly focused on the production of compressors and low-pressure devices.

Concentration was also key during the period after CHIRON's takeover by Hoberg & Driesch GmbH in 1957. Peter Hoberg and Toni Driesch recognized the company's in-depth expertise in mechanical engineering that it had built up over decades. As such, other firms' machines were adapted to the relevant machining tasks, converted and had their functions extended. The technicians and engineers in the R&D department had the necessary expertise, they were innovative and flexible, and everyone in the installation team was well-versed in the various manufacturing operations. Now, they could pool their strengths and transfer their practical expertise to building machines.

New business area of machining centers
CHIRON presented its first feed units for metalworking in as early as 1958 and then further developed these units into specialized machines for machining processes. Based on its knowledge about the specific requirements of customers – and they had been customers of the machine manufacturer for long enough to know – CHIRON created the perfect, individually tailored, complete solution. Machine components, mechanisms, workbenches and tools were combined and adjusted in such a way to enable high volumes to be manufactured precisely and efficiently. The first machine – and first model of the legendary series 801 – was sold to Roland-Werke. This marked the start of a long series of customer-specific machining units and, if you will, also the start of CHIRON's expertise in turnkey solutions – a service that the CHIRON Group still provides today.

Four letters, two numbers and much more – in 1973, CHIRON showcased its first in-house innovation, the CHIROMAT RB 32 NC. This again demonstrated how quick the company was to recognize potential and to apply it to practical solutions. The eight-spindle turret-head drilling machine was the first system on the market to have numerical control. Soon after, CHIRON established CNC technology, which was still in its infancy. This allowed significantly faster movement of axes and tools, making for more efficient individual and series production for customers. With the RB 32 and the subsequent models, CHIRON had definitively positioned itself as a machine tool manufacturer and had again successfully undergone a transformation.

From machining units, components and bench drills, to specialized machines, NC manufacturing centers and machining centers – one development led to another and with every new product division and every customer-specific manufacturing task, the mechanical engineering expertise within CHIRON was further developing. With its innovative products and services, the CHIRON Group now facilitates precise, productive and flexible machining in many different industries. In addition, the company is now staying ahead of the competition by establishing new areas of expertise and developing new products that take customers' manufacturing processes forward – such as additive manufacturing, digital systems and services.

The company's industry expertise in medical technology, precision technology, mechanical engineering and tool manufacturing is drawn from its present and past product ranges. Similarly, the company's automotive department also has interesting links to the past.

From amphibious to automotive vehicles
From the »Ruck-Zuck« tire lever, to the »Pneumoskop« for checking the tire pressure gage and car washing systems – over decades, CHIRON brought a variety of products onto the market that were related to vehicles in the broadest sense. The company was also quick to recognize potential in this area, but, with the »Trippelwagen« amphibious vehicle, they were maybe slightly too early. »I think that in developing a quick but economical car, Hans Trippel was way ahead of his time«, concludes Erwin Liebermann, who worked at CHIRON between 1944 and 1992.

The Trippel SK 10, developed by the son-in-law of Managing Director Fritz Kiehn in the late 1940s, was supposed to bring CHIRON great market success and create many new jobs. The vehicle had all of the features needed to be a hit, from a top speed of 95 km/h, to fuel consumption of just 3.2 l per 100 km and a sporty and streamlined design. Unfortunately, success did not come and the Trippel left the plant site on May 8, 1951, with many eyes admiring it.

Many employees also felt like they wanted to take the company in a new direction in the automotive sector, for example, by developing machining centers for wheels. In 1993, CHIRON brought the WM 02, the first »real« wheel machine, onto the market and the CHIRON Group now manufactures machines for rim diameters of between 16 and 26 inches. These machines work 24/7 and produce between 250,000 and 350,000 wheels per year. The machining centers of the 22, 25 and 28 Series allow highly efficient machining of large and complex parts for the growth market of e-mobility.

News from the CHIRON Group

What is happening at the CHIRON Group? What is new and what is newsworthy? A lot! Now all wrapped up for your convenience in our news ticker. To find out more about any topic, you can go straight to the magazine or follow the relevant links.

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+++ Award-winner: Vanessa Hellwing is named one of the best female managers in the world +++
The »IEra WomenLeaders Magazine – A smart way to Industry« awards female managers throughout the world, profiles visionary women and celebrates the best of these every year with the »IEra Women Leaders« prize. The Executive Board and employees of the CHIRON Group are proud and delighted to have Vanessa Hellwing, one of the »10 Best CFOs of 2021«, in the company and would like to express our sincerest congratulations for this achievement.

The annual awards are given to women who change industries by promoting and implementing state-of-the-art business solutions in order to enable growth and create valuable brands from »their« companies. According to the author of her laudation, the key to Vanessa Hellwing's success is »her friendly and approachable attitude with a focus on always finding a consensus.« And: »Following the restructuring on the CHIRON Group, she is even more determined to ensure the company undergoes continuous further development. For her, a technology company must always be prepared to think outside the box.«

What is Vanessa Hellwing's main focus for the CHIRON Group and how does she balance her career and family? Find out more in the laudation of the IEra WomenLeaders Magazine.

+++ Innovation in the spotlight: The AM Cube 3D metal printer +++
Which innovations stand out from the crowd and offer companies real added value? The Best of Industry Award from trade journal »MM Maschinenmarkt« has been answering these questions since 2016. A panel of experts and users vote to decide the winners in several categories. What was special this year was that the panel of experts created a shortlist of what they believed to be the best innovations. An innovation from the CHIRON Group appeared in the Production & Manufacturing category: the »easy to use« AM Cube 3D metal printer for producing larger and more complex components, for coating, repairs and 3D printing.

Innovative? No doubt about it! With added value? That too! The automatic changeover of the deposition head while the process is running enables the combination of various properties in a single workpiece and – in different process phases – the application of wire and powder.

Worth the money? The users from 13th September to 12th November agreed it was. The result? The votes were counted and the AM Cube was in the Top 3 – congratulations to Axel Boi, Head of Additive Manufacturing, and his team for this excellent achievement! The users' decision was tighter and more tantalizing than ever before, but gold finally went to Kennametal Europe for a 3D-printed tool solution for e-mobility.

Two innovations for comprehensive process monitoring during laser deposition welding are also setting new trends for machining practice. Find out more about these and all other 2021 market launches from the CHIRON Group here.

+++ Welcome back, Roger Schöpf +++
37 years »on the payroll« at CHIRON, most recently as Head of Application. Now, Roger Schöpf is back, and as Head of Global Operations he is responsible for all production facilities of the CHIRON Group. What spurred him to make this move? Where will he be focusing his efforts in his new role? And what still drives him after all this time? Find out the answers in our interview with him.

+++ ¡Una cálida bienvenida, CHIRON Iberia! +++
A warm welcome to the CHIRON Group! On July 20th, 2021 the CHIRON Group acquired commercial agency Maquinaria Eurotec S.A. in Spain and integrated the company into the group under the name of CHIRON Iberia SAU. With more than 500 successful machining center installations under its belt, CHIRON Iberia is an expert in turnkey solutions and services. And in the words of Bernd Hilgarth, CSO of the CHIRON Group, it also boasts »a fantastic, highly experienced team, that fits seamlessly into the group. With the addition of this new subsidiary, we are strengthening our position on the Iberian market, enabling us to support our customers faster and more effectively, to reinforce existing relationships and to forge new ones. Here, we have a particular focus on the important yet demanding aerospace, automotive and medical markets.«

The new subsidiary currently employs a team of 15 under the leadership of Managing Director Eneko Cortabarría and CFO Isaac Cuzador. The registered office remains in Iciar, near San Sebastián. 

We would like to take the opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to Pedro Ormaechea, who successfully ran Maquinaria Eurotec for more than 20 years, and established it as a highly valued partner of the CHIRON Group, who leaves to enjoy a well-earned retirement. We wish you all the very best! ¡Todo lo mejor!

+++ Double award-winner: CHIRON China +++
On November 11th, 2021, trade magazine »Automobil Industrie China (AI China)« in Shanghai celebrated its 25th anniversary by presenting several suppliers with an »Automotive Innovation and Technology Award« in various categories. The judging panel comprised industry experts, automotive manufacturers and representatives from the Automotive Technology faculty of RWTH Aachen University, who awarded the honor to companies whose innovative solutions had contributed to advances in the automotive industry. CHIRON China was delighted to receive not one but two awards: The »Outstanding Enterprise Award« and the »Automotive Innovation and Technology Award« at Manufacturing Process Category for the MILL 3000. The 5-axis machining center's generous and flexible work area and its high milling capacity are ideal for machining structural components such as side beams, crossmembers and battery housings for electric vehicles.

+++ Giving customers the very best support: new sales and service structure +++
Is your machining center from CHIRON? Or STAMA? Or FACTORY5? No matter which brand you have, the Sales team of the CHIRON Group now takes care of the entire product portfolio following a restructure. Alongside the existing sales region structure, the teams in Schlierbach and Tuttlingen, Germany, will be focusing on their long-established skills more than ever. The staff in Schlierbach will specialize in the application areas of injection systems, brakes, tools and hydraulics, while the sales experts in Tuttlingen are on hand to offer support for all other industries.

Customer contacts for service are still the same. For maintenance, technical support or even retrofitting and refurbishing STAMA brand machining centers, the experts based at the Schlierbach site are still on hand to help. Wherever in the world you are, the CHIRON Group Service team is always close by. They provide the necessary services for all brands throughout the entire lifecycle of a machine, and in the event of mechanical breakdown, they react quickly to get your production back up and running fast.

+++ The best of the best: Lukas Müller is the state winner! +++
Like 7,497 further trainees throughout Germany, Lukas Müller, trainee in the CHIRON Group from fall 2018 to summer 2021, has successfully completed his Chamber of Industry and Commerce technical examination as Mechatronics Engineer. What’s special about his achievement, however, is that he left all the others trailing behind to become the best in state. Congratulations!

He achieved extremely good grades in the theoretical examination and received the school award from the Erwin Teufel college in Spaichingen, Germany. In his practical examination, he solved complex software tasks typical in the day-to-day work of engineers with ease. For theory and practice he achieved 98 out of 100 possible points. He completed his technical examination with this outstanding result.

The CHIRON Group recognized the winner as part of a celebration in the forum in Tuttlingen, Germany. In his laudation, CEO Carsten Liske emphasized the importance of the next generation for the CHIRON Group: »It is our employees who make our company strong and successful. Their commitment and passion for precision are what make the difference. To make sure this continues in the future, we need talented trainees like Lukas Müller. In addition to his personal performance, which must not be underestimated, the fact that we have presented a state winner for the first time is proof of the excellent quality of our training.«

 Ceremonial handover of the certificate to best in state Lukas Müller in the forum of the CHIRON Group (from left): CEO Carsten Liske, Lukas Müller, Head of Training Herbert Mattes and Alexander Fritz from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg
Ceremonial handover of the certificate to best in state Lukas Müller in the forum of the CHIRON Group (from left): CEO Carsten Liske, Lukas Müller, Head of Training Herbert Mattes and Alexander Fritz from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg

+++ 25 new young talents for the CHIRON Group +++
September 1, 2021 marked the start of the future for 25 young people who now work for the CHIRON Group SE as trainees and students and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. In total, there are currently 126 budding workers undertaking training in 15 different areas.

This new chapter of their lives began with an orientation week, in which they were introduced to the company, its products, contact partners and their new colleagues. Even in training, the CHIRON Group places great importance on digitalization, including virtual learning content, how to use digital media safely and mobile working. »We're training the workforce of the future. It's therefore very important to familiarize them with future technologies and working methods early on and to incorporate these aspects into the training,« says Head of Training Herbert Mattes.

The very latest technology and cutting-edge equipment are also a focal point in the training workshop. Additive manufacturing techniques and the latest programming techniques were recently added to the training topics. Continuous investment in the future pays off: The proof of this is in our workforce that is fully prepared for future challenges and in our fourth Focus Money award for Germany's best training companies.

Welcome back, Roger Schöpf!

»The best is yet to come!« The new album by his favorite band, Accept, definitely reflects Roger Schöpf's attitude as he starts his new role as Head of Global Operations at the CHIRON Group. And why has he still not had enough after almost 37 years at CHIRON? speedfactor investigated.

Mr. Schöpf, as the Stuttgarter Newspaper said in a portrait in 2018, you were »on the payroll« at CHIRON for 37 years. And now you're back in the CHIRON Group. Why?
Well, I wanted to celebrate my 40th of course! Joking aside, CHIRON has always been much more than an employer to me. I've always been thoroughly inspired by what we do here and I never really felt like I left. I stayed in contact, kept communicating and followed the exciting developments with great interest. In my role for Gühring I had the opportunity to look at the market competitors in machine-tool engineering and, to be totally candid, CHIRON and the CHIRON Group today is really something special.

Can you explain in more detail? Special in which respect?
It's the employees that make the difference for me. Their skills, their innovative spirit and the courage to follow untrodden paths; these are these bases for all the developments which have kept us as the front-runner in machine-tool engineering for decades. The »CHIRON-Spirit« is not an empty phrase – it's really there. This will, to work together to succeed, is really unique. If you look at how many employees this year are celebrating their 10th, 25th or even 40th work anniversary, I think that speaks for itself. This spirit is in the CHIRON Group DNA and I am convinced that it is a key ingredient for our future success, too.

Recently, as Head of Application in the CHIRON Group, you were responsible for turnkey projects, now you are Head of Global Operations and are in charge of all production locations. What drew you to your new role? What are the similarities and differences?
Application is customer-facing and you receive immediate feedback. And it is, if you will, the customer to our Production sites in Neuhausen and Taicang. Now I'm sort of on the other side – I'm a supplier. If something isn't going well, we only find out about it indirectly. You could see that, as well as the field of duties, as a difference – but I don't. It doesn't matter if we're realizing our turnkey projects here, in China or America, whether we manufacture in Taicang or Neuhausen... it's the »How« that matters. It's about a shared understanding, following unified structures and processes. In the end, we want to serve all our customers as well as we can, whether internal, external or wherever they're based in the world. The global aspect is something that's stayed the same for me, thinking and acting while considering the CHIRON Group as a whole has always been my task. Bringing people and cultures together, learning from one another, motivating each other to perform at our best; that's something I can really get stuck into.

When you moved to Gühring in 2019, the CHIRON Group Precision Factory was about to open. Now the halls are full. What was your first impression and what tweaks still need to be made in your opinion?
The CHIRON Group Precision Factory was dubbed unique – and it is, even more so today than when it first opened. Firstly, all the product areas which are involved in the final assembly are brought together under one roof, as are the CHIRON and STAMA brands. In Neuhausen there are the Production Areas One, Two and Three, but we can use the synergies better, slot everything together more tightly and blend ever-more into a single, seamless unit. And for this, I'm relying on my »most valuable asset« – the employees. Also on close, constructive dialog with the team and group leaders in particular. On the point of tweaks... Of course, the restructuring has left space for optimizations and the current tense situation regarding material procurement is demanding more flexibility and resilience from all of us. However, I am positively surprised and impressed by how well we're managing these challenges in already difficult times. In times like these especially, our CHIRON Spirit is in demand more than ever. 

Besides the restructuring, what else has changed in your absence? Where is the CHIRON Group today?
I'm impressed by the new series, the highly complex technology. DZ 25 and 28 for large volume components, the new 715 Series for bar machining – these developments are the culmination of experience and knowledge from decades of successful mechanical engineering. We've also come on leaps and bounds in terms of digitalization, offering digital systems and services with SmartLine and the SmartServices that make us front runners in this area too. Of course, the market is getting trickier and our competitors are doing their homework. But we have achieved our »Seconds ahead« advantage, setting the bar not just in chip-to-chip times but also in terms of innovation, expertise, service and sustainability. These are fields we need to keep working hard on to ensure that we're still head of the pack for our customers.

What does the Head of Global Operations do in his free time? How do you recharge?
I have always loved to travel. I lived abroad for a long time, which wouldn't have been possible without the support of my family. A few years ago my wife and I discovered camper-van travel and now we love to get away whenever we have the opportunity. It's our new passion. That, and Bruno, our new four-legged addition to the family. He's a Golden Doodle who comes with us in the camper around Germany and Europe. Apart from that, there are two things I've always enjoyed, for decades now: My work and heavy metal. Especially my favorite band Accept. I've been a fan since they first started in the 1980s, and I can hardly wait to see them and hear »The Best is yet to come« live in the new year. That will give me a loud, powerful boost of motivation for the work to come :)

Career highlights

1982     Trained as Industrial Engineer

1985     Industrial Engineer in Fixture Construction, Assembly and Final Inspection

1989     Application Engineer

1994     Manager Application Engineering

2000     Head of Application Turnkey Projects

2014     Director Turnkey Projects

2019     Division Manager Core Functions, Technology & Production Gühring KG

2021     Head of Global Operations CHIRON Group


Merci beaucoup et à bientôt !

In chic gray, with gold lettering and reflective design elements, even on the Swiss roads the truck turned plenty of heads. And the industry visitors to the micro on tour, which took place from 30th August to 10th September, were rather impressed by the mobile showroom.

Not a few curious passersby looked on excitedly as the truck transformed into a generously proportioned, two-story showroom at its four train-station locations in Zürich, Biel, Geneva and La Chaux-de-Fonds. For the industry visitors, the truck was an innovative presentation space, offering the opportunity to learn about solutions and services along the entire precision-manufacturing process chain, in a compact and focused format. Samuel Vuadens, Managing Director of CHIRON Swiss, was clearly proud to present the Micro5 machining center live and to be able to show that »la petite« is a big deal when it comes to high-precision machining of delicate parts.

»A thoroughly positive exhibition experience! The event was precisely the right size, we felt welcome and well attended to.«
Frédéric M.
Manufacture Roger Dubuis, Branch of Richemont International SA
»Great organization, lots of interesting discussion, an original concept. You should definitely do it again!«
Bruno L.
Gil Sertissage SA
»Good technical discussions,, the exhibitors were right on-hand to talk to. We'll come again!«
Jean-Paul S.

Jean-Daniel Lallemand, Technical Sales/Field Service at the CHIRON Group for French-speaking Switzerland, and the brains behind the micro on tour, says »Merci!« on behalf of all who took part. He can definitely see the benefits of repeating the exhibition concept, »In this small, special space we were able to really be attentive to our customers, so we had plenty of good, in-depth discussions. Another positive takeaway is that we became even closer with our partners who took part, and were able to directly point people to the appropriate offer as regards a complete solution – from tools to clamping materials, measuring and monitoring systems to lubricants. It was very well received and is motivation for everyone to maintain this close dialog in day-to-day business, too, and thereby keep offering our customers added value.«

Impressions of the micro on tour

Your personal contact for French-speaking Switzerland

Jean-Daniel Lallemand
Technical Sales/Field Service
Tel. +41 79 554 23 98

Real? Virtual? Or better still... Both!

CIMT in Beijing, METALLOOBRABOTKA in Moscow, MACHTOOL Posen, EMO Milano 2021 – Four key exhibitions for metalworking went live again this year. How were the events received? How did they compare to their virtual counterparts? What are the pros and cons of in-person versus online formats? For the CHIRON Group the answer is simple: Both are important for different reasons.

Pleased, enthusiastic, impressed. The first big in-person events in such a long time received a very positive response. The most important thing, according to visitors and exhibitors, was the personal contact and the direct discussions. It's really irreplaceable – that's something everyone agrees on. But the opposite appeared to be true for the machines themselves. Many exhibitors chose a more compact space and presented fewer machines live, preferring instead to opt for digital elements.

Interactive showrooms and VR glasses replace real machines
At the EMO Milano 2021, the CHIRON Group presented the compact Micro5 and the larger DZ 25 P five axis. For everything in between, not to mention other premiers like the 715 Series, visitors could dive into the interactive showroom to learn more. This was also similarly well-used and very well-received at the METALLOOBRABOTKA and the MACHTOOL exhibitions.

The CHIRON Group chose not to show any machines live at the CIMT this year, instead reserving the exhibition stand space for business discussions, tailored consulting and the much-visited VR area. Here, the industry visitors could experience the machine highlight – the MILL 3000 – via VR glasses. »I felt like I was standing in front of a real machining center, I could see every function so precisely,« said one visitor. Gong Shujuan, Editor in Chief of Vogel Media for the AI sector, was impressed by the format. »The concept is innovative, attractive and a real eye-catcher. The CHIRON Group has really set a trend here.«

Digital experience in high quality
Digital exhibitions and events formats are well-received too. The visitors appreciate the opportunity to learn about the brand and get advice exactly when it suits them. They enjoy, perhaps, getting a quick big-picture overview in just a few minutes and then going in-depth on certain topics. And all of that is available at their desk, just a few clicks away.

One real positive of digital formats is that everyone, everywhere, can take part. What's more, country specific coronavirus regulations are often currently very strict and it's not worth it for foreign visitors to make the trip. Multiple tests, numerous forms and quarantine on arrival are a steep price for an exhibition lasting two or three days.

As far as the experience and content at virtual exhibitions goes, it's by no means inferior to the real thing – for example at the OPEN HOUSE ONLINE. Personal consultations by appointment, a 360° tour with behind-the-scenes access, discussions such as the Innovation Talks, livestreamed from Tuttlingen, Germany, all make the »exhibition on-screen« a true experience.