Did you know? Processes make the difference. And the experts.

Whether manufacturing implants for knees, hips or spinal columns, or producing surgical instruments for endoscopic and arthroscopic procedures (such as scissors, needle holders and forceps) – medical products vary considerably, with each one presenting new challenges and tasks. The team of experts at the CHIRON Group's Medical and Precision Technology Center address these challenges with manufacturing processes which are just as unique.

In the medical technology sector, very high precision is often still achieved manually by an experienced surgical technician or by using a complex machine with multiple machining steps. However, in light of increasingly sophisticated workpieces, increasing quantities, higher risk categories and more stringent traceability requirements for medical products, a new approach is required. These factors mean that it is necessary to switch to productive, validated CNC processes which enable high-precision complete machining and ensure maximum, reproducible precision and surface finish from one part to the next.

 View of the Medical & Precision Technology Center.
View of the Medical & Precision Technology Center.

A center for precision and special turnkey expertise
In 2013, the CHIRON Group pooled the advanced expertise it had developed in this field over decades at the Medical & Precision Technology Center in Tuttlingen, a town in south-western Germany. The on-site team creates a customized manufacturing solution for every project. Employees also provide customers with the turnkey expertise required for an "overall package" ready for production with perfectly coordinated technology modules. This not only includes machining centers by CHIRON, STAMA and FACTORY5 (the Group's recently acquired brand) but also covers tools, holding fixtures, automation, the CAM system and much more besides.

Turnkey expertise for medical and precision technology

  • Comprehensive process design, including machine recommendation, tool design, clamping concept and program creation
  • Skilled engineering, experienced project management
  • Validation of statistical process capability
  • Assurance of target productivity
  • Production support during the initial phase
  • Customized automation
  • Training sessions for optimal use of the manufacturing solution
  • Tailored services over the entire life cycle

The approach taken by the specialists at the Medical & Precision Technology Center is unique, says Martin Brenndörfer, Head of CNC Application Technology for Medical and Precision Components at CHIRON.

»Customers in the medical technology sector aren't just buying a machining center, they want to see the complete manufacturing process for their product on the machine beforehand. Ideally, it needs to work so well that we can disassemble the system straight away and put it back together again at the customers' premises.«

To achieve this, every project at the Medical & Precision Technology Center goes through the following four steps: Analyzing, designing, detailing and realizing.

Benefit from a coherent process.

 Benefit from a coherent process.
Benefit from a coherent process.

The key to finding the best turnkey process for each situation is to have precise answers to a number of questions. To list just the most important ones:

Which of the requirements are the special requirements?
Which machine is suitable for the application?

Which colleague can offer expertise in the relevant area?
Do we need any special tools, such as specific clamping equipment?
Which parts from the customer's range can also be positioned on the manufacturing solution?

The next issue of speedfactor will share the answers given by the team regarding the specific requirements of Carl Teufel GmbH & Co. KG, a manufacturer based in the town of Emmingen-Liptingen in south-western Germany. To give you a brief preview: Rather than machining high quantities of finished goods for surgical micro instruments (such as spring scissors, needle holders and forceps) in multiple machining steps, as was previously the case, they are now completely machined on a FZ 08 S mill turn with Precision+.

On 💊✌️💉 Medical Wednesdays, we use the hashtag #medicalwednesday on the CHIRON Group's LinkedIn and Instagram accounts to share excellent new tools, exciting projects and much more besides.

Here are a few examples for »maximum precision«: