New impulses for machining in practice

Driving force and technological leader: That is the end result CHIRON Group strives for with every new product, with every innovation – big or small. Our goal is clear: To give customers all over the world a competitive edge in their industries and in their markets. Take the 2021 market launches, for instance: New series and machining centers, automation solutions, digital systems and seemingly small optimizations that make a big difference to day-to-day machining practice.

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CHIRON looks back on a long and impressive history in innovation spanning from 1921 to 2021, characterized in particular by the developments in mechanical engineering since the 1970s. The CHIRON Group wrote the next chapter of this success story with the innovation program introduced in 2018, which it pursued steadfastly and which saw the product portfolio further optimized in the company's centenary year.

New 715 Series for multifunctional complete machining
One of the highlights of the 2021 product campaign is the new CHIRON 715 Series. The MT 715 two+ was met with great interest during its online premiere at the OPEN HOUSE ONLINE and before a large audience in the interactive showroom at the 2021 EMO Milano. And it's easy to see why: With 5-axis complete machining or milling/turning machining on six sides, the four variants of the MT 715 have several advantages over production spread across multiple machines: Higher precision, shorter throughput times, more flexibility for changing functions, minimized setup times for small batch sizes, reduced logistics costs. The integrated workpiece automation makes an even higher degree of utilization possible by means of unmanned production in three-shift operation or at weekends.

The MT 715 variant incorporates four types of machine:
MT 715 one with swivel head and rotary spindle
MT 715 one+ with swivel head, rotary spindle and counter spindle
MT 715 two with swivel head, rotary spindle and extra machining unit
MT 715 two+ with swivel head, rotary spindle and counter spindle plus extra machining unit

The second machining unit on models two and two+ can be used for guide bushes, rests, rotating centers, vices or other turning tools, for example. The bar loader takes care of feeding in the material, while the integrated workpiece automation handles the discharge of finished parts, or if machining chuck parts, the feed and discharge of the workpieces.

The MP 715 machine variant, where MP stands for Multi Profile, is designed for machining bar materials with any profile. All milling operations, such as machining hollow aluminum profiles for electric vehicles, run very efficiently in one setup. There will be more on the MP 715 in the next issue of speedfactor.

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