Photo: Rüdiger Kroh

LifetimeSolutions: the right services on the right time

The focus of the new service concept is on one hand on concrete customer needs, and on the other hand on the three stages of the machine life cycle: start-up, production, modernization.

From left: Frank Geiselhart, Director Global Service CHIRON, Alexander Dörner, Head of Service STAMA and Frank Egidi, Manager Service SCHERER

The extensive knowledge of CHIRON, STAMA and SCHERER about these phases forms the basis of LifetimeSolutions: How does the machine behave with progressive age? Which production-specific specifications must it fulfil when? With LifetimeSolutions, the service specialists develop a precisely coordinated strategy, can provide even more targeted support than before, and offer suitable products and services at an early stage.

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For more information, see the article NC-Fertigung Topic of the Week 8/2020 (german) and our Website or the new service brochure.