FZ/DZ 25: The new standard for large components

The new CHIRON 25 series is designed to be compatible with the high-productivity machining of complex, large-volume structural components for the automotive industry and aviation. The entire process is easily accessible and completely viewable – a novel feature for workpieces of these dimensions.

»The new FZ/DZ 25 series combines productivity, precision and flexibility at previously unknown levels. With a spindle clearance of 800 millimeters, the DZ 25 P five axis is predestined for the twin-spindle machining of vehicular and structural components made of aluminum for electromobility,« says Bernd Hilgarth, Sales Director at CHIRON.

Click below for the full interview with Bernd Hilgarth on the 25 series at EMO:

The benefits at a glance:

  • Twin-spindle machining of large-volume components
  • Optimum dynamics
  • Best access to the working area
  • Independent X- and Z-axis compensation
  • Process clearly viewable thanks to separation of control side and loading side
  • Compact, flexible machine layout
  • Intuitive operation via TouchLine
  • Automation via robots or gantry