HSK-A 100: Lift off towards maximum efficiency

The demanding machining applications in the aviation industry, where components are machined from a solid block, require machining centers which combine optimum milling performance with maximum precision. This is where the new FZ 16 S five axis by CHIRON with HSK-A 100 interface comes in.

To efficiently manufacture demanding components, such as turbine workpieces or titanium structural components, this requires a fast, very precise and extremely dynamic machining center. This is because these special workpieces for the aviation industry have to be perfect in all respects, particularly for engine and turbine construction. With the FZ 16 S five axis, CHIRON offers a machining center which is designed precisely for this purpose.

HSK-A 100: Improved power, even better quality
The CHIRON FZ 16 S five axis is now also available with the HSK-A 100 interface for a high milling performance when rough-machining and maximum precision when finishing. With a powerful main spindle with a torque of 400 Nm, the new machine variant is predestined for machining difficult structural components made from high temperature-resistant materials, such as titanium or nickel-based alloys.

Together with the moving gantry design, which ensures high static and dynamic rigidity, the HSK-A 100 interface provides the foundation for particularly high machining rates and also allows users to machine very deep cavities. While the powerful drives of the FZ 16 S five axis provide the required dynamics, the robust basic design and high thermal stability ensure maximum precision.

Facts and figures

  • Spindle speed: 10,000/30,000* rpm 
  • Spindle torque: Up to 400 Nm
  • Spindle power: Up to 80* kW
  • Number of tools: Max. 52 pieces
  • Tool holder: HSK-A 100

*Alternative to machining aluminum

Markus Löhe, Aerospace Sales Engineer at CHIRON, presents the new variant in this video and would be happy to answer any calls or e-mails.

Markus Löhe
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