900 machines for our customers in two countries

When it comes to machining centers from Tuttlingen and Alzenau, customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia have known CHIRON Czech as O.C. Tech since 2007. To date, the team under Managing Director Ivan Mikita has supplied and commissioned around 900 machining centers in both countries.

Since November 2019, the company has belonged to the CHIRON Group, with a branch in Hluboká nad Vltavou near Budweis. The head office is in Brno, the second-largest city in the Czech Republic after Prague, and the best example of a dynamic "second city". It's a forward-looking city with over 50,000 students, over one million trade fair visitors per year, and a strong industry.

For Ivan Mikita, Brno is the ideal location: »From here, we can provide our customers with the best possible support and present CHIRON and SCHERER's innovations to a large technical audience right here at the MSV, the largest mechanical engineering fair in central Europe.«

Management: Dipl. Ing. Ivan Mikita

In addition, Brno has a lot to offer visitors, according to the Managing Director: »It's not as overcrowded here as in Prague, and you can find modern architecture, Habsburg history and delicious traditional cuisine. And of course our top export – the world-famous Czech beer from Budweis.«

Overview of CHIRON Czech


The representation has been active in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 1993, most recently as O.C.Tech s.r.o.. Since November 2019, the company has belonged to the CHIRON Group as CHIRON Czech s.r.o..

Size of the branch:
Offices: 530 m²
Warehouse: 100 m²

Total: 22
Service engineers: 10

 Managing Director Ivan Mikita and his team at the trade fair in Brno.
Managing Director Ivan Mikita and his team at the trade fair in Brno.


  • Sale of CHIRON and SCHERER machining centers and of Pfiffner rotary transfer machines
  • Engineering and application-technical support
  • Order and project management
  • Technical support and service


The majority of the customers come from the automotive industry, which operates 80% of the machining centers supplied by CHIRON Czech. The remaining 20% are used in the production of small arms and lenses as well as in the production of components for railway vehicles.

A key success factor is the complete range of turnkey machines, including holding fixtures and tools.

Service is a key factor in the constantly positive development. The ten engineers are proud of their fast, competent on-site service, which is very highly regarded by the customers and is the basis for many long-term customer relationships.

The services provided include repairs and preventive maintenance as well as assembly and commissioning of machines. CHIRON Czech also offers training courses, carries out conversions and implements retrofits.


As the main supplier of machining centers for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, CHIRON Czech is currently focused on automation solutions with which customers can produce even better quality even more efficiently.

The aim is no only to maintain the market share in both countries, but to further expand it and gain new customers for the Czech company and for the CHIRON Group with customized turnkey solutions.

Things to see and do in and around Brno and Hluboká nad Vltavou