Series production from one casting

As a specialist for the machining of molded castings in series, EMB Zerspanungstechnik GmbH from Biedenkopf-Breidenstein, Germany is on a growth course. For milling, the contract manufacturer has relied on the productivity and precision of CHIRON Group machining centers for almost 30 years. The latest addition is an MT 715 two+, on which the castings are machined almost every minute.

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As the Biedenkopf iron and metal foundry EMB was founded in 1955 by Karl Runkel Sr. »The motivation at the time was a current shortage of hearth and stove castings,« says Michael Runkel, who is now the third generation to run the company. All that remains of it is the acronym that gives it its name, because casting has not been done at EMB since 1973. »In the early 1970s, there was a big foundry death here in the Lahn Valley,« says Runkel. »At that time, my father decided that we would close the foundry and focus only on machining.«

Mechanical machining became established shortly after the company was founded due to the bankruptcy of a newly acquired customer, as its products were henceforth carried on by EMB. Thus, at this critical time, a new branch of business was created without further ado in the form of mold casting machining, which today represents EMB's core competence and has been successively expanded so that a high level of added value can be achieved today.


What role did the machining centers of the CHIRON Group play in this?

Find out in the video.