Retrofits for µm-precise machining with high output

The core expertise of SHW in machining is the µm-accurate production of complex milled and turned parts for oil pumps through to the finish on highly precise systems. The components are machined on a CHIRON 15 Series, among others. If these need to be prepared for new tasks, SHW also relies on the expertise of the CHIRON Group – using retrofits from the service experts.

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SHW AG is headquartered in Aalen, Germany and with Swabian understatement, they describe themselves as the »leading automotive supplier in the Eastern Alps region«. In point of fact, the company has around 1,800 employees and is a world leader for engine components for all powertrain concepts, high-performance brake disks and CO2-optimised pumps. Their competence center and production location for customer-specific pumps for engine and transmission applications in the automotive, truck and off-highway sectors is the Schwäbische Hüttenwerke Automotive GmbH plant in Bad Schussenried, Germany.

For example, flanges and housings for pumps in trucks are produced there on the machining centers of the 15 Series – mainly highly productive double spindle machines with workpiece changer. If new workpiece variants are added or if additional specifications must be integrated, new clamping devices are needed. Since 2020, these retrofitting projects have been entrusted to the team led by Stephan Störmer, Retrofitting Team Leader at the CHIRON Group Service.

So far, projects have included determining the clamping concept and sequence. In the most recent project, service specialists are also bringing their turnkey expertise and designing the complete production-ready machining process.

How does an example retrofitting project progress? What is involved? How do the teams from Bad Schussenried and Tuttlingen work together constructively? Watch this video for answers.

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