Photo: FH Kiel, Joachim Kläschen

CIMTT: New machining center offers innovative opportunities

Groß war die Freude am Fachbereich Maschinenwesen der Fachhochschule (FH) Kiel, als Mitte März zehn Tonnen schwerer Zuwachs in Form der CHIRON FZ 12 MT high speed plus anrollte...

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Author: FH Kiel, Joachim Kläschen

Image Description: (From left to right) Professors Rainer Geisler, Alexander Mattes, Henning Strauß and Daniel Böhnke show how pleased they are with the ready-to-operate CHIRON machining center.

In mid-March, there was great joy at the arrival of the ten-tonne CHIRON FZ 12 MT high speed plus at the mechanical engineering department of Kiel University of Applied Sciences (FH Kiel). CMS, the retrofitting specialist in the CHIRON Group, had immaculately refurbished the machine and returned it in a virtually new condition. In an ideal world, the team from the Institute for CIM Technology Transfer (CIMTT) headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Mattes would have put the milling-turning machining center into operating straight away. However, their ambitious plans were thwarted by the pandemic. Due to the coronavirus crisis, CHIRON employees were unable to travel to the Kiel University of Applied Sciences to calibrate the new addition.