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This machining center produces drills of up to 2 m in length

Kennametal was looking for a machine to produce drills of up to 2 m in length. They succeeded in making this big step with CHIRON's MILL 3000 five axis machining center.

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It's not a new revelation, but it proves true time and again: The sales department sells the first machine, the service department sells the rest.

This is exactly the reasoning behind Kennametal's decision to invest. »We have always been very satisfied with the service.« Andreas Fink, team leader in the Nabburg Steel plant: »We feel like we are in good hands with CHIRON. Service was an important point for us when making our purchase, because even new machines do not always run. This means a quick response by the service team is important, as is the level of availability of spare parts – and CHIRON surpasses many of its competitors here.«

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