Can it be a little less?

The world of extrusion is, by its very nature, all about mass and standards. At least a tonne of aluminum is needed for an individual profile. Nordalu in Neumünster, Germany can also work this way but is pressing ahead with a new approach – the completely finished profile from as little as 250 kg. With success. This is what the machining centers of the MILL Series from the CHIRON Group at the end of the process chain are for.

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Nordalu knows how to make use of its expertise both in the design of extrusion tools and in the rest of the process chain, allowing it to successfully juggle quality and unit costs for small batch sizes of individual profiles. There are three machining centers from the MILL Series right at the end of the process chain. This series has established itself in the field of highly productive profile machining over the past 15 years at Nordalu. MILL machines are well known, and people know what they are capable of. The latest, a MILL 2000, came to Neumünster in the summer of 2022.

In addition to the high productivity, Matthias Seydler, Shift Manager in the CNC department at Nordalu, praises the repeat accuracy (in other words, the long-term precision) of the machines. The chip-to-chip time of 2.9 s and the rapid traverse of 60 m/min contribute to the production processes being inherently fast. With the many changes in tool and position, this is a great advantage to add to the calculation. »The MILL machines are real workhorses«, says Seydler. »They produce around 250,000 parts a year«.

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